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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. if you're waiting for someone to come home and they're late, this could be the reason. the new bay bridge is causing my
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knowledge traffic headaches. as you can see in this live picture, the headlights toward us are a solid line of cars. it's been this way all day long on the approach into the city and onto the bridge. it's been backed up coming up from the peninsula. yerba buena island looking at the bridge itself, a little difficult to tell because this picture is in breeze frame. you can see though traffic on the right-hand side of your screen, those are the cars heading toward oakland, it is packed and slow going for many trying to head home. we've learned a drug suspect has died after having been shot by an undercover cop this afternoon. in the parking lot of hobey's, the sunnyvale department of public safety tells us santa clara police officers and sheriff's deputies were involved in the drug investigation but they're not saying which officer opened fire or why. the latest now on the breaking news refirst told you about on abc 7 news at 6:00. oakland police say it appears to be a tragic accident.
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a 2-year-old boy died after being hit by a pickup truck in oakland. the boy was playing in a parking lot near where his mother was selling fruit out of her truck when he was struck. sky 7 hd shows us the scene. this happened just after 4:00 this afternoon at embark der low near ninth avenue. the driver is cooperating with police. the investigation closed down a stretch of embark der low for several hours late this afternoon. now to syria. today's developments on capitol hill, the senate foreign relations committee gave president obama the power to launch a military strike in response to syria's use of chemical weapons. >> aye by proxy. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> this is the first time since a 2002 resolution a congressional panel has voted to authorize military action. meantime, president obama and russia's vladimir putin are each making their case about syria and the right time to carry out action. jonathan karl on the two
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powerful leaders shadowboxing on the world stage. >> reporter: shortly after landing in seed win today, president obama said responding to syria's chem weapons attack is a test of more than just his leadership. >> my credibility is not on the line. the international community's credibility is on the line. and america and congress' credible advertise on the line. >> reporter: he pointed out that chemical weapons like those used in syria have been banned by international law for nearly a century. >> i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line. >> reporter: on the eve of president obama's visit to a summit of world leaders in russia, vladimir putin is once again standing in opposition. today accusing secretary of state john kerry of lying about syria. and in a rare interview with western media, suggesting it was syrian rebels, not the government, who used chemical weapons. putin also denied having a frosty relationship with president obama.
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but he added, your humble servant hasn't been elected by the people of russia to be pleasant to someone either. back in washington, the white house won a narrow victory when the senate foreign relations committee approved a resolution to give the president authority to attack syria. but five republicans and two democrats voted no. suggesting a tough battle ahead. >> i satisfy horrible tragedy but i don't see that our involvement will lessen the tragedy. >> reporter: the president will see putin at the summit in russia tomorrow for the first time since russia grant ad asylum to fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden. obama and putin will undoubtedly exchange words but there's no plan for a formal one-on-one meeting and with tensions high nobody expects a breakthrough on syria between those two. >> the full senate still needs to approve that measure and so does the house. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is in san francisco. she's working on a resolution that would also limit u.s.
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involvement in syria. she expects a house vote after a full debate. >> i think there's a good chance but i really don't know. because again, i'm not persuading -- >> many local syrians are lobbying bay area congress members to vote yes. >> every day that passes, more people are dying. more civilians are being killed. so we hope that, again, the u.s. and the world community act and act quickly and swiftly and put an end to this war. >> opponents of military action worry this could lead to prolonged u.s. involvement in syria. in marin county the sentencing phase began today for convicted serial killer joseph naso. it was an emotional day in court as he faced his victims' children, and drew 18er from the judge. a dan noyes has been covering the case and what the latest. >> reporter: one by one the children of the victims took the stand and testified about the impact of their mother's death.
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carmen colon was 21 when naso killed her. today, her daughters were too upset to speak with me but they testified about their loss, having no memories about their mom, being abused by their grandfather after the mother wa no longer there to protect them. shane ashby spoke with me. >> i think he's a monster. and should be -- should be punished for the crimes that he's committed. >> reporter: he is the son of roxine who was 18 when he killed her in january 1977. shane was 2 years old at the time. >> you guys think about it. think about everything your mother's done with you since you were 2 years old. imagine life without your mother. i mean, there's no simple way to explain it. >> reporter: jamie parsons was also 2 when her mother died. naso killed pam par sevens, 39 years old, and dumped the body in an over command in yuba
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county in 1993. she grew up in foster homes and says her mother's murder affects her relationships to this day. in opening statements naso said all of these victims, my heart goes out to hem but i am not responsible, i have no regrets. late this afternoon the prosecution called a marin county sheriff's investigator to add another victim to the case. 56-year-old sharia patton's body was found on a beach in january 1981. she lived in a san francisco hotel that naso managed and prosecutors say several of his writings tie naso to the murder. in one outburst, naso equated lawyers with prostitutes. the judge called a recess but he said the judge should brush her hair. the judge was not happy, told naso to act his age. face the consequences. what can you do when the man faces at best life behind bars?
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safeway agreed to pay a $600,000 fine and spend $4 million to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its stars for failing to fix cool lant leaks allowing the escape of gas that contributes to global warming. the epa called it the largest ozone protection case leech reached under the clean air act. nfl players association has launched a new partnership with a san francisco-based company designed to keep players out of trouble, a car service. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: san francisco-based uver offers an alternative to taxicabs. this video the company provide shows how customers use a smartphone app to summon a driver within minutes. now nfl teams, including the 49ers and the raiders, will have this service. an effort by the league's
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players association to reduce the number of player duis. >> the more they can use a service, the safer they'll be the more they can party if they want. >> reporter: between the super bowl in february and training camps in july, nine nfl players were arrested on dui-related charges. the uber partnership will give the players a $200 credit as an incentive to use the service. but sports psychologist and 49er consultant, dr. harry edwards, says it's unlikely to have a major impact. >> because a player that's too drunk to drive is unlikely to be sober enough, in contact enough in terms of mental faculties, to call a car to pick him up. >> reporter: he says the league takes the issue seriously but it's hard to change a culture of behavior. >> you go out and pay $85,000, $125,000 for an automobile because you want to show up in it. not leave it at home when it comes time to go into the club. >> reporter: veteran 49er kicker phil dawson hopes players will take advantage of the new deal.
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>> an ideal world you'd like to think everybody can handle their business in a professional way. be responsible. obviously sometimes things get out of control and help's needed. >> reporter: the partnership kicked off today, rolls out throughout the month. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. coming up, more than 1,000 california chickens are flying the coop. why someone has paid for them to go on a cross-country trip. a rare view. what a firefighter sees as he battles that massive wildfire burning around yosemite national. in the accuweather forecast center, we've been talking about this and it's almost here. the warmup with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. a new 3d video game that can
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tomorrow, make the most of your day with abc 7 morning news. traffic alerts and drive times start at 4:30. >> along with my forecast to plan your day. >> at 6:00 don't miss michael finney tomorrow on morning news. more than 1,000 hens headed for certain death are instead going to live out the rest of their lives in animal sanctuaries back east. the story of how they're getting
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there may raise eyebrows. the chickens traveled from vacaville to hayward where they flew on a chartered cargo plane toal myra, new york. >> reporter: everybody knows chickens can't fly. well, that's usually true. except for the 1150 chickens about to take wing on a cross-country flight to new york. it's the great hen roundup at the animal place in vacaville. >> i sneak up from behind and wait until she's in a corner. >> reporter: 3,000 hens rescued from a commercial egg producer that were headed for certain death. >> in california, there is no slaughterhouse that will take these hens. these are hens from the egg industry, considered spent when they're only 2 years old. and egg farmers have to pay people to come to their property, gas the birds, then dump those birds into landfills. >> reporter: animal place can't support 3,000 chickens. but nine animal sanctuaries from michigan to maryland said they'd be happy to take a little more
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than one-third of the birds if someone could get them there. and someone can. an anonymous donor who's writing a $50,000 check for a chartered plane leaving hayward. $50,000. that's $43 per hen. animal advocates know what some of you are thinking. eccentric. extravagant. ludicrous. >> you've heard all those comments. >> heard them all. and we just take it as it is. we know what we're doing is good work. we know we're saving lives. and that's what matters. >> reporter: the 3,000 hens rescued from that one egg producer represent .02% of the total egg-laying population in california. but animal advocates say it also represents their commitment. in vacaville, george warren, abc 7 news. >> that is a commitment. updating the sierra fire, the u.s. forest service says it's unlikely it was started by marijuana growers and lightning
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isn't to blame either. a forest service official today said the area where fire broke out 2 1/2 weeks ago doesn't have a water source needed for a remote pot farm. whatever the cause, the rim fire is now 80% contained and firefighters are now trying to save groves and meadows inside its 371 square mile footprint. you're looking at a map or you were looking at a map tweeted by the national weather service. it showed that burned area of the rim fire would actually cover an area stretching in the bay area from fremont all the way down to los gatos. national guard firefighting crew is back home in the bay area tonight after battling the rim fire. the 129th rescue wing spent days providing air support to firefighters. this is video shot by the national guard of the airmen in action. the crew says fighting the fire was intense but definitely a team effort from the ground up. >> we have the team in the helicopter then all the people, the thousands of people that are out there, firefighters, logistical people out there, just everybody.
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one big team effort to get this thing under control. >> the 129th rescue wing flew nearly 90 hours and made more than 450 water drops on the rim fire. a lot of work. they really have made tremendous headway in recent days. >> 80% contained which is phenomenal. wetter is helping out a little bit. it's certainly nice here in the bay area. a look at live doppler 7 hd. mainly clear skies. a few patches of low clouds and fog near the coast. not very widespread. on we go to a live view from our exploratorium camera here in san francisco, looking back at the skyline. you can see puffs of low clouds back in the background near the coast there. current temperatures 63 in san francisco. oakland 65. 67 san jose. los gatos 66. 63 half moon bay. emeryville looking at the glorious new span of the bay bridge under clear skies, it is 67 in santa rosa.
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novato 64. livermore 66. and one more live view from our rooftop camera abc 7 looking towards the ferry building on the embarcaderembarcadero. patchy fog overnight. it won't be very widespread. it will be mild to warm again tomorrow afternoon. our hot pattern begins on friday, continues through the weekend. satellite radar composite image those low pressure to our northwest and the circulation around that low producing an onshore flow, breezy conditions near the coast. another sunny day tomorrow and windy conditions because of the circulation around that low over in the sierra where we still have a red flag warning for high fire danger tomorrow from 11:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night for much of the central e.r.a., including tahoe and reno area. with windy conditions there, that could increase the risk of fires. looking over the next day or two, the low lifting northward being replaced by a center of high pressure with clockwise
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circulation that will bring us an offshore flow. that's going to contribute to the hot weather coming our way beginning on friday. overnight, little patches of fog. mainly clear. lows mild, generally up 50s to 60. tomorrow, sunny skies. south bay, highs will range from upper 70s in san jose to mid 80s at morgan hill and gilroy on the peninsula, highs upper 70s, 79 at redwood city. mountain view. on the coast mild. 69 half moon bay. san francisco a high of 70. 66 in the sunset district. north bay we'll see high temperatures generally in the mid 80s. 85 at santa rosa and calistoga. east bay highs of 74 at oakland. 76 at newark. 78 at fremont. the inland east bay, nice and warm with highs generally in the 80s. 86 at concord and walnut creek. 87 at antioch. here's the seven-day forecast. here comes the heat beginning on
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friday. and continuing through the weekend. actually the peak of the heat saturday and sunday with high temperatures inland. upper 90s to almost 100. upper 80s around the bay. mid to upper 70s on the coast. then on the next few days after the weekend, temperatures gradually tapering off. the warltd is going to hang around for a while. >> looks like a nice chunk of warm weather for a change. coming up next, a trip down memory lane. a 3d video game that could have you thinking like you're 20 years old again. and he drills one to left. down the line. and that's gone. >> the a's and giants, home run crazy. female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off.
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covering santa clara, san
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francisco, east bay, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> encouraging news tonight on the aging process. not exactly the fountain of youth but a new study by bay area researchers is suggesting that challenging games can have a potent effect on the brain function of older adults. >> i pretend this is driving down a country road. >> reporter: for ann linesly, the computer-generated roadway could be memory lane. it's part of a game designed to test and potentially improve the cognitive brain function in older adults. >> i was interested in finding out if there was some way i could contribute to finding out why my brain doesn't work like it used to. >> reporter: narrow racer was developed by professor adam at ucsf. it requires drivers to pay attention to road signs while ignoring others, forcing the brain into multi-tasking. >> ability to multi-task and
9:25 pm
deal with distraction and working memory decline as we get older. we're really looking at boosting a skill that naturally seems to decline with age. >> reporter: to accomplish that, they asked healthy volunteers between the ages of 60 and 85 to undergo training and then drive the course at regular intervals over a month's time. he says the initial improvement was dramatic. >> what we showed with the game play itself is that multi-tasking ability of older adults improved to the level of 20-year-olds after a move game play. >> reporter: in addition to locking outcomes they recorded the subject's brain waves, concentrating on neural pathways involved in cognitive function. as older drivers became more proficient their brain activity began to resemble the patterns seen in young adults, providing evidence that older brains are retrainable. >> we showed with the brain recording that they had this robust plasticity in activity from the front part of the brain. >> reporter: in one unexpected result he says cognitive improvement intended to skills
9:26 pm
not directly challenged by the game, including working memory or the ability to hold information to complete short-term tasks and describes it as a feeling of heightened continue traition. >> that's what i call it, just there, you're focused completely on the car and the signs. >> reporter: the team hopes to use advanced brain images to understand how neural pathways are physically changed by the stimulation. potentially exploring the effectiveness of these games in treating brain disorders such as alzheimer's and adhd. >> hopefully it will be developed out as something that could have impact for people and enter their lives. >> the professor is working on a commercial version of the game that could be used both as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. a stanford graduate taking toys for girls to another level while inspiring the next generation of women engineers. brain freeze. we know what it is but why does it happen? >> the clever lessons being
9:27 pm
offered to teachers that are just a mouse click away. new home video tonight of a burglary in progress. find out exactly what to do and say if something like this ever happens to you.
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now, from abc 7 news. >> police in san leandro have released home surveillance video they hope will help solve a burglary. it happened in broad daylight in a quiet residential neighborhood. laura anthony has our story. >> basically these two we're thinking teens, one might be early 20s, walk up to the porch. >> reporter: it started with a simple trip to the front door at a home on laverne drive in san leandro. two young men ring the bell and wait. it's just before 9:00 in the
9:31 pm
morning. >> they look a little nervous as you can see. waiting to see if anyone shows to the door. this is common throughout the bay area right now. >> reporter: when no one answers the home surveillance video shows the two jumping a fence to a side yard. they pry off a window screen, jump through it, and leave less than two minutes later. while stuffing jewelry and other valuables into their pants. san leandro police hope the public recognizes these two suspects. like they did back in february in another burglary case. soon after this video aired on abc 7 news, police received several tips that led to an arrest. >> really within a couple of days we had people identified in it. at least one of them was arrested. and i know that both of them were identified from really the footage. >> reporter: in this case, anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police. >> police are searching for a man wanted for a series of bank robberies in marin county. this is a surveillance photo
9:32 pm
from a robbery just this morning at the redwood credit union in san rafael. here's video of that robbery. witnesses say the man matches the description of the cotton ball bandit known for wearing a brown beanie with ear flaps and a cotton ball on the top. he's wanted for six other robberies. employees likely prevented a fourth robbery when they locked the doors today on mountain boulevard in oakland's montclair neighborhood. the employees spotted a man who matched the description of a previous pank robber. the man ran away. the branch has been robbed three times this summer. new details tonight as police search for a woman accused of impersonating an animal control officer and relying on people's fear of snakes. late today, fremont police released this photo of a woman they say helped burglarize several homes. she pretends she's investigating a snake infestation and lures the residents into their backyards while her accomplice sneaks in and burglarizes the
9:33 pm
home. take a look, this is the car police believe she was driving during a recent pulmonary in fremont. homes in at least seven bay area cities have been hit in recent weeks. police believe this woman is working with at least one other person. the san francisco airport commission today adopted a new policy that rules out renaming sfo after former supervisor harvey milk. supporters have suggested naming the airport after milling, one of the nation's first openly gay elected officials. today the commission said it would not allow the airport or any buildings to be named after a person because it might be confusing to travelers. they left open the possibility of dedicated part of the facility to someone but only if they've made a significant contribution to the airport. the internet has become a very useful tool to teachers and you can see that thanks to youtube. education reporter mia melendez shows us popular videos for educator educators. >> reporter: under a quiet demeanor lies a force promoters
9:34 pm
of science. alex one of youtube's so-called education gurus because she is clever at teaching science. >> cilia is latin for eyelash. >> my audience is anyone who's interested in science. i try to gear them to high school or college-age students but accessible for anyone. >> reporter: it takes her 20 hours to research a subject and produce it before it gets posted on youtube. much less time as she's familiar with topics like brain freeze. >> scientifically dubbed a pal la tine ganglia neural yeah. say that fast ten times. >> reporter: youtube is focused on bringing learners and educators together in a global video classroom. >> we see educators teaching everything from algebra through to japanese or spanish and languages which as great way to
9:35 pm
reach communities of people who might not otherwise have access to teachers. >> reporter: here's another favorite with thousands of subscribers. >> one, two, bang, bang. >> a lot of videos get over 10 million hits on those channels. >> reporter: dana's most popular is an explanation on why caffeine makes us hyper. for that she drank more than her average cup of joe. >> caffeine as stimulant that acts on your central nervous system. >> reporter: she'll focus on her ph.d. at stanford while continuing to inspire others. >> go forth. do science. >> she has about 14,000 subscribers. if you want to take a look, we have a link to the you tube education videos at web web. in the news room, abc 7 news. to another stanford graduate. this an engineer who has created her own line of coys to teach girls not just to play with doll
9:36 pm
houses but build them. the toymaker and her mission to inspire. >> reporter: it is the video that started a national conversation about the toy store. little girls busting through the pink aisle, girls with tutus and hammers singing "we are the champions." ♪ because we are the champions >> reporter: behind it all, one woman on a mission to inspire girls to keep busting through. debbie sterling is an engineer. she was fed up with the lack of women in her field. the latest studies show just 11% of engineers are women. research shows the toys kids play with could have a huge impact on what they want to be when they grow up. >> the girl aisle was just kind of about how to be pretty. i wanted to put something in there that girls could see that they too could find a passion in engineering. and that they too could find these subjects fun. >> reporter: and so came the
9:37 pm
idea for goldiblocks. toys that inspire young girls to not just play with dollhouses but to build them. >> goldi, our heroine in her tool belt. rocking the tool belt. >> reporter: to fund the dream debbie went on the internet. >> i'm starting a toy company called goldiblocks. >> reporter: made a plea and the money flooded in. >> a 30-day window to raise $150,000. we reached our goal in four days. >> wow. >> and ended up almost doubling it by the end. >> reporter: now goldiblocks are sold nationwide, even in toys "r" us. the response? just see for yourself. >> crazy idea. i think you should really try. >> good idea. i like that. >> reporter: one goldiblock at a time. debbie sterling is building girls up by breaking down barriers. cecilia vega, abc news, oakland, california. the tsa says you can keep your shoes on at more airports. what that means for the bay
9:38 pm
area, next. cell phone backlash. mi spend too much time on our phones. now a bay area woman has made a movie about ou
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it could soon get easier to fly out of two more bay area airports. oakland and san jose will soon join san francisco as partf a tsa precheck expedited screening program. prechiclets qualified passengers keep shoes and jackets on during screening. they can havlated byes and gels in their carry-on bags. it costs $85 and is open to u.s. citizens who belong to frequent flyer programs on participating airlines, or who are in the federal trusted traveler program. the tsa hopes to have precheck in 100 airports by the end of this year. after a months-long buildup,
9:42 pm
yahoo! just unclailed its new logo. you're looking at the old one now. here is the new one. the exclamation point stays as u yosee. the look of it slimmer and cleaner. the new twist, the exclamation mark occasionally darts about and dancing. ceo marissa mayer is behind the makeover, considered her personal stamp reflecting her leadership. the logo has been months in the making. facebook is branching out into the beauty business. the social site sells its own nail polish for about $5 at the campus store in menlo park. take a look, social butterfly blue, inspired by facebook's company's color. this isn't the first facebook-inspired beauty product. last year eye shadows based on facebook colors as well. these days you can't go anywhere without someone recording the moment on a support phone. san jose native charlene de guzman has made a film about it
9:43 pm
and it's gone vertical. nick watt explains why. >> reporter: imagine a day without your phone, when all around you are using theirs. that's the little film comedian charlene de guzman just made. >> we're not staying in the moment anymore because we're looking at our phones. >> pull out of the parking lot -- >> lots of special moments are passing us by. >> reporter: this is a film for all of you out there who have ever wanted to do this. >> i was in hawaii and we took this amazing dive. the fish were like aquamarine. >> yeah, yeah, uh-huh, yeah. >> anyway. as i was saying. we were diving in hawaii. and there were aquamarine fish that were quite outstanding. >> reporter: there's a smartphone backlash snowballing right now. prince jack white, they've banned them from gigs. beyonce just told a fan to put his away.
9:44 pm
>> you've got to put that down. >> reporter: many have seized on that moment and agree enough is enough. the film captures our growing addiction and she's struck a nerve. more than 18 million people have watched already. ironically, a lot of them probably on their phones. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: i was fascinated to hear about her next project. >> okay, my next video is going to be about the science and chemistry -- >> radio stuff? >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, the wild scramble for some scientists studying a volcano
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tomorrow, make the most of your day with abc morning news at 4:30. >> along with my forecast to plan you day. >> at 6:00 don't miss michael finney tomorrow on abc 7 morning news. decades of mining for iron has taken its toll. a city in sweden is now in danger of collapsing and will have to move. over the next 20 years, it will move itself two miles east. that includes the city center, 3,000 apartments and homes, several hotels and million square feet of offices, schools and hospitals. it's a relocation effort one expert tells "the wall street journal" is virtually unprecedented. it's home to the largest iron ore mine in the world. what's extracted in one day could construct six eiffel towers. because the economy is so dependent on the mine, residents are largely in favor of this
9:49 pm
moving project. we have extraordinary video out of peru where a volcano has erupted five times in less than 48 hours. a group of scientists was climbing on the mountain when this latest eruption occurred. one of them managed to take these pictures while scrambling to safety. the column of gas and ash climbed more than a mile. ash fell in an uninhabited area about six miles away. for now, experts say people in the surrounding area are not in any danger. just spectacular images. let's get one last check of our forecast with spencer christian. >> nothing that exciting to show you but we have lovely weather coming our way. we have mainly clear skies in the bay area right now. you can see the outline of some light coastal clouds, low clouds along the coastline. not moving much across the bay inland yet. we'll see puffs and segments of low clouds moving locally inland during the overnight hours. they won't be widespread. tomorrow, statewide, widespread
9:50 pm
sunshine except maybe a few showers up around eureka and possibly a couple of isolated thunderstorms over in the central sierra. moving over into the nevada side, over near reno and tahoe, generally mild to warm to even hot conditions in the southern part of the state desert areas. in the bay area tomorrow, we'll have mainly mild conditions overnight and certainly warm tomorrow from coast to inland. highs on the coast in the mid to upper 60s, mid to upper 70s around the bay, mid to upper 90s inland. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. well, the heat will be on for a while. especially over the weekend. the peak of our heating occurs saturday and sunday when inland highs will be in the upper 90s to near 100. nearly 90 around the bay shoreline. mid 70s on the coast. temperatures will gradually taper off after that. it will be a nice warm spell. >> i love the timing of this beach forecast. right on the weekend. perfect. larry beil is here with the sports and fun baseball games.
9:51 pm
>> hot home runs by the giants and a's. a's one of the most overpowering pitchers in all the baseball and they owned him.
9:52 pm
female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. coming up ton tonight at 11:00, for a second night in a row, traffic getting out of san francisco onto the bay bridge still just a crawl right now. we'll hear from drivers on what has now become a daily frustration. also, what new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner is saying after getting into a heated argument with one potential voter. right now let's turn our attention to sports and larry beil. >> i was wondering if that's one of his twitter followers, i'm guessing not. >> i don't think so. >> 11 years ago today, scott hatteberg hit a walkoff homer as a's won their 20th straight game. not the same drama today. but the athletics did homer four times against texas and they have moved back into a tie for first place.
9:55 pm
yu darvish, one of baseball's most dominant pitchers this season, a's own him. first inning, brandon moss with his team leading 26th homer of the year, a's up 2-0. solid outing for jared parker. continues to gain confidence. six inning. struck out four. two runs he's unbeaten in 18 consecutive starts. that is an a's record. the heavy lumber in the signature. der rer barton, two-run clout. darvish gave up a season high five runs, a's up 5-3. in the signature, josh donaldson with the amazing catch last night. nobody catching this. three-run jack. donaldson's 20 is of the season. a's cruising 9-2. coco crisp, he's in the lineup, healthy and hitting. the a's win. this is in the eighth. cocoa, 2 for 4, 4 rbis, his 18th of the year. a's move back into the tie for the a.l. west lead, 11-4 the
9:56 pm
final. giants slugging in san diego. fourth inning. giants down 2-1. hunter pence awaits on the breaking pitch off of eric stotts. pablo sandoval, the pap de, opposite field in the eighth.s game, giants up 9-5. the panda does it again. oppo taco as they will say. his third of the game, 4 for 5, 6 rbis. giants with six homers in this game. where's it been all season? and they stomp on the padres 13-5. the 49ers open a new season sunday at home against aaron rodgers and the graibs. colin kaepernick knows he's going to be a marked man this year especially running that read option. teams have spent all offseason studying how to defend the niners offense. the prevailing opinion is, defenders are going to try to pummel kaepernick on every play, whether he carries the bam or not. the nfl has rules to protect
9:57 pm
quarterbacks in the pocket. it's a fine line as to when kap turns from qb to runner. >> i believe that he's a quarterback till he declares he's a runner. and i think that's the -- those are the conversations right now. >> it's football. you're going to get hit. you can only line 11 people up so many ways. we've seen a lot of different looks. >> they do a lot of things well. they have a lot of great players. we have to be ready. raiders coach dennis allen still has not formally declared that terrelle pryor will start at quarterback sunday in indianapolis but it's not much of a secret at this point. pryor was taking snaps in practice this week, outplayed matt flynn in the preseason. pryor started the season finale last year. just listen so how he phrases this here. clearly excited about starting but can't say, i'm the starter. >> you know, there will be a
9:58 pm
starter. i believe coach, he told us all on his team that he's addressing this situation. he doesn't want me talking about it, you know. let coach answer that. >> let coach talk about it. u.s. open, rafe nadal facing robredo. first set, nadal cross court forehand winner. nadal took the first two sets 96-0, 6-2. to the third set. nadal, a little drop shot here, robredo gets to it. lob. robredo throws his racket in the air. nadal cruises 6-0, 2-2. he's 20-0 on hard courts this year. and he is into the semifinals. women's quarters, the two-seed victoriaal sa rang ka taking on victoria hantuchova. vehic cross court winner. second set, more of the same. hantuchova's return. into the net.
9:59 pm
6-2, 6-3, moves now one win away from a possible showdown with serena williams in the finals. good tennis at the u.s. cope. >> yeah, rafe nadal looking so strong right now. >> he's battled injuries the past couple of years. when healthy he's very tough. >> certainly no sign of injury now. >> no, he's moving very well. >> he's fast. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn johnson. for larry beil, spencer christian, dan ashley, thanks for joining us. abc 7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook, mobile devices with our news app. see you at 11:00 on 7.
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